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YMCA of Alaska Community Service: Join Us in Our Fundraising and Support Efforts

At the YMCA of Alaska, we are dedicated to strengthening our community through various initiatives, and we need your help! Our annual fundraising campaigns, coaching programs, health and wellness initiatives, and special events are all essential to our mission. By volunteering with us, you can make a significant impact and support those in need.

Volunteer Opportunities:

Fundraising Campaigns: Join our efforts to raise funds for essential programs and services. Your involvement can help us reach our goals and expand our impact in the community.

Coaching and Youth Programs:

  • Soccer Coaching: Share your love for soccer and mentor young athletes. Help them develop skills, teamwork, and confidence on the field.
  • Competitive Basketball Coaching: Guide and inspire young basketball players to reach their full potential through training and competition.

Health and Wellness Programs:

  • Diabetes Prevention Program: Assist in our initiatives to educate and support individuals in preventing diabetes through lifestyle changes and healthy habits.
  • No One Fights Alone: Provide crucial support to individuals undergoing treatment or recovery. This includes:
    • Educating yourself about their specific condition for informed and empathetic support.
    • Offering a safe, non-judgmental space for them to express feelings and concerns.
    • Providing practical assistance with daily tasks, transportation to appointments, or accompanying them to support group meetings and doctor’s appointments.

Special Events:

  • Healthy Kids Day: Participate in our annual event focused on promoting health and wellness for children and families. Help with activities, setup, and ensuring a fun, educational experience for all attendees.
  • Fall Festival: Join us in celebrating the season with our community. Assist with event planning, activities, and creating a memorable experience for participants.

Why Volunteer with Us?

  • Make a Positive Impact: Your efforts directly benefit individuals and families in our community.
  • Build Connections: Meet new people, make friends, and become part of a supportive network.
  • Learn and Grow: Gain valuable skills and experience while contributing to meaningful causes.
  • Feel Good: Volunteering is a rewarding experience that can boost your mood and overall well-being.
YMCA Alaska, Anchorage, Mat-Su, Fitness, Community Center, Youth Development, Healthy Living, Social Responsibility
YMCA Alaska, Anchorage, Mat-Su, Fitness, Community Center, Youth Development, Healthy Living, Social Responsibility


Volunteer at the YMCA of Alaska!
Are you ready to make a difference in your community? The YMCA of Alaska is looking for enthusiastic volunteers to help support our upcoming events. Your time and dedication can have a significant impact on the lives of many.
Why Volunteer?
Make a Difference: Help create a positive environment and provide valuable services to our community.
Mentor and Inspire: Guide individuals of all ages as they participate in various programs.
Stay Active: Enjoy the outdoors and stay fit while making a positive impact.
Volunteer Opportunities
Youth Programs: Assist with activities and events designed for kids and teens, including our upcoming Kids Flag Football League and Kids Triathlon.
Join us in making a positive impact in our community. Your time and enthusiasm can make a huge difference. Volunteer today!
What volunteer opportunities are available?

We like to match potential volunteers to a meaningful experience. If there is an activity you are interested in, we will work with you to find an opportunity that matches your interest and meets the needs of the Y. The YMCA of Alaska has created a wide variety of volunteer opportunities including:

Program Volunteers: Read to children in our child watch, greet members at the membership services desk, coach one of our youth sports teams and more.

Special Event Volunteers: In small groups or as individuals these volunteers perform tasks during a special event such as Fall Festival, Healthy Kids Day, or Movie in the pool.

How do I get started?

You can begin applying by clicking here and email it to Robyn@ymcaalaska.org